Directory Submission Service of SIM – A comparison


Recently I received a couple of mails from outsource clients saying our competitors charge less for the submissions and so demanding to cut down our costs. After a lot of explanation on the manual submission process we follow and the comprehensive reports we provide they were very much satisfied with the current rates for directory submissions. However we have cut down our rates starting August 22, thanks to the minor appreciation in US$.

I had asked the client a single question; Do you pay for DMOZ submissions?

The answer was yes and while he calculated the 100 directory submission + DMOZ submission charges he realized that he was paying $30 more than he pays us($12) for 100 submissions which include DMOZ submissions. I had mailed others in detail regarding the quality of service we offer compared to the competition. I have given a detailed comparison table below which will explain how transparent and straight forward our services are with neither hype nor hidden costs.


Features SIM Directory Service Competitors*
Rate for 100 Submissions $14 $15
DMOZ Submission YES, No extra charge* $39
Featured Listing* YES NO
Exclusive Email Account Yes Yes
Excel Report Yes Yes
Manual Submissions Yes, with proof NO PROOF*
ScreenShot Of Submissions YES NO
Confirmation of mails YES 100% Partial
Relevance 100%,
List Maintenance Every 7 days
Custom Directories* YES NO
Records* YES 5 years
Years in Service 9 4.5
  • Competitors – Competition is the average of 10 directory submission services found on the first two pages of Google results for keyword “Directory Submission”
  • YES, No extra charge – All our directory submission packages include DMOZ, Google and other top directories. We do not charge extra for that. You must realize that DMOZ submission is like any other submission except for browsing through the right categories which hardly takes a couple of minutes. Competitors charge $30 -$49 for DMOZ submissions
  • Featured Listing – We have our own directories (5) on different Class C Ips with PR2-3 , You will have a featured listing in our general directories value $9 and the niche directories if applicable.
  • NO PROOF – Our competitors just provide you an excel sheet on where they have submitted your website and under which category. If you analyze the reports from couple of competitors you will understand that it is an automatically generated report. On the other hand SIM supplies you with screenshot of every submission made with the content filled in .
  • Custom Directories – You can provide your own list of directories to SIM.and we submit to them while competitors have their own list and do not agree to submit to the list you provide. We have a number of clients who were turned down by our competitors for submitting to custom list of directories.
  • PMB – A Project Message Board where you can interact one on one with our staff and get the project executed as you wish. All the reports will be stored for an year which can be accessed at any point of time.
  • Records – We keep email records and submission records for 5 years. The next time you order for directory submission we will compare the past submission reports and eradicate duplicate submissions