Directory Submission reborn at SubmitINme after Panda Update 2.3

Directory SubmissionManual website submission is one concept that was forgotten by many of the SEO experts. It took a really useful algorithm update from Google to realize the importance of directory submissions as the only straight forward promotional option available online. Remember the year when the search engine concept first sparked? Directory submission was the only strategy performed to make websites visible online. With extensive SEO research by savvy experts, off page SEO opportunities where extracted from any spot which allowed a link back to the website. They didn’t care about the surfers and all they cared was about how to please the Google bots.

Now the time has come when the Google Bots are pleased only if the searchers find what they are looking for. This is where directory submission becomes important again. What do you expect when you land on a web directory? A website related to your search term along with information about the same and you don’t care about what content appears there. So the web directories present with what there are expected with, regardless the quality of the content used. Obviously you are free to promote your website in the directories and Google doesn’t mind

We have been offering manual website submissions for very long and now with the importance of website submissions on the rise, we don’t like to exploit the demand. We have cut down the prices of directory submission services and added a lot of free bonuses too. We want all to try and see that our statement about the effectiveness of directory submission after the panda update is true and that is why the discount and the free bonus.



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