Directory Submission, MOST WANTED ANSWERS


Directory Submission, MOST WANTED ANSWERS

I have compiled the most asked questions on directory submission service to throw some insight into what SIM has to offer to the clients..

Why there is no extra charges for DMOZ submission while some companies charge $49 ?

DMOZ submission is like any other directory submission except for the little extra time needed to browse through the categories and subcategories. Most of the SEO companies charge from $10-$49 for DMOZ submission service.

Quality of DMOZ Submission
For us it is like the regular submission, but we take time and care with DMOZ while submitting your site. DMOZ is the most important directory and we take extra care in DMOZ submissions. We adhere to the guidelines of DMOZ and make necessary changes in the content if applicable.


I have submitted to few directories before, can I submit again to the same directories?

Directory RESubmission SCAM

There are a few SEO companies out there who claim to resubmit your website every month or once in 3/6 months to directories. Please be aware of this scam as a directory accepts a website only once with the exception of one or two popular directories. Next time you try to submit you will be notified with a duplicate submission error.

If you want to submit to more directories then you can go for new directories or directories which you have not submitted earlier. If you have the previous submission reports we can identify the duplicates and remove them from the submissions. If you had done directory submissions with SIM in the past 2 years we have the reports with us and can eliminate the duplicate submissions. Your site will be submitted to fresh directories only.

What details are needed for directory submission?

  • Title of website 60-90 Characters
  • Description of website 255 Characters
  • Long Description (optional) 600 Characters
  • Keywords of website 5 keywords/key phrases
  • URL of website
  • Contact Name
  • Address with city and country
  • Phone Number with area code.