Dedicated Managers and Outsourcing for SEO services at SIM


Recently, Several clients had inquired about Outsourcing SEO jobs and having a dedicated manager for their company. Here is a brief idea on how it works.

This is how it works for Outsourcing clients without dedicated manager

You make orders through the site, the orders will be assigned to various sections. Every order will have a status, Start date and End date along with any notes you provide while ordering. Our staff will communicate through the Project Message board and will request for content required to do the job. (We have a requirement data form for every SEO service) . You will fill the details and attach to the PMB. We execute the job, brand the reports with your logo (your company logo) and contact details which will be attached to the PMB. The project status is changed to completed. This is the project lifecycle of an order. If any content need your approval (PR writing etc) we wiill get it approved from your side before doing the distribution.

Every website has its profile and you can at anytime check the status of orders, number of orders made, details of orders, reports etc for that particular website.

With dedicated manager
– Your point of contact is only the dedicated manager
– You can just send an email and he/she will make the orders for you
– He/she can take the orders from your system if yo use 3rd party systems like Base-Camp
– You can order through Instant messengers (Skype etc)
– He/She will have the reports quality checked

You can pay for the completed jobs at the weekends.



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