Coupon Marketing – An Analysis


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In Ecommerce business, coupons, deals, and discounts are the quintessential marketing tools which drive in business and new customers. These discounts always help both sellers and buyers, especially during tough economic times. An average of 13 million internet users searching for discount coupon codes every month. Traffic to coupon directories is increasing every day. It shows the interest of buyers using discount code. The following image shows “Global Monthly Searches” of coupon code users per month.


Coupon Searches

To attract these coupon users we should market our offers and discount through the right path to get popularity in right market place. Otherwise the chances of benefitting from these offers are zilch. We can’t manually take our offers to everyone, but through popular coupon directories, our discount and coupons will reach the right spot and become popular on the internet.

The offers we can promote through coupon directories are as follows,

– Coupon Codes

– Deals

– Discount ( without coupon Code)

– Free Shipping


Statistics of Coupon Marketing:

Explaining a marketing strategy without proof is useless. Read further as I explain the coupon marketing strategy with clean statistics and proof.

Coupon Statistics

I have analyzed our recent coupon promotion job for You can find the popularity and the benefits of coupon marketing.


Popularity of Coupon Marketing:

The following image shows the popularity of coupon marketing in search engines….


Coupon Popularity


Once the coupon promotion was completed I analyzed the popularity of coupon campaign. I was excited after seeing search results for the keyword “Wealthwood coupons” .Most of the coupon directories has published the submitted coupons.

This popularity not only stopped at attaining results for the coupon, but also brought good rankings to the store


Benefits of Coupon Marketing:

Coupon Marketing drives numerous benefits to your business. I have listed few of them below and also the following image shows it clearly,
Coupon Benefits



– Dedicated store from coupon directories with complete setup including images and logo

– All our coupons/offers and discounts are listed under the store

– Discounts easily reach the buyers thereby increasing sales

– Good popularity from search engines

– Backlinks to the store website.

My analysis shows that without doubt coupon marketing is a good promotion technique for E-Commerce business.



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