Comprehensive list of the best local business directories 2015 available online


best local business directories 2015
As a local business owner your sole target will be reaching out to large numbers of people locally as well as nationally or internationally if possible. Now the question that arises is how to go about it? There was a time when Yellow Pages was the sole destination for looking for a local business, but not anymore. The advent of internet has made things simpler as it is quicker way of finding recommendations for local businesses. Most of the local businesses now get enlisted in the online local business directories for easy visibility. It is recommended to get enlisted in as many online directories possible so that the chances of appearing in search engine results increase.
Enlisted below are some of the latest and best free online local business directories, where you can enlist your business:

Google My Business – If you want to add your local business listing to Google+ Local, you will have to use Google My Business for that. The best thing about this online directory is that the business owner can add coupons, photos and other deals to the business listing. There are also options of interacting with customers and replying to their reviews. It is also possible to check statistics of viewers viewing the local business and identifying their location.

Yahoo! Localworks – Get your local business enlisted in Yahoo! Localworks and get authentic reviews from customers. A local business owner has the opportunity of adding important information regarding the business in the directory so that it has more data for interested customers.

Citysearch – It is evident from the name of this online directory that information on local businesses can be obtained here. This directory acts as an excellent guide for knowing places of local business or entertainment in a particular city. As a business owner, you will have the advantage of adding deals and offers, coupons and other attractive schemes to make your business noticeable. The owner can also check statistics from time to time to find the numbers of viewers of the business profile. For claiming the listing on Citysearch, visit CityGrid.

Bing Places – We all know about the search engine Bing and Bing Places offers management of local business listing to local business owners. It is possible for the business owner to add logos, photos, deal information and other related data on the online directory for better search results. If the local business is that of a restaurant, the owner can post menu for the same as well.

Yelp – Yelp is among the current local business directories and it has proved to be really good for small businesses. The best thing about Yelp is that it provides reviews of customers of the various businesses in your area. Along with providing the basic date about your local business, add photos of your business. Add a small history of the business as many people are interested in knowing the same. If you are offering deals and coupons, make that known on Yelp. If you want to answer customer reviews, you are free to do that as well. Last, but not the least, check statistics of your business from Yelp.

The Business Journal – As the name indicates, The Business Journal is a great place for getting business news, updates and advice. Very recently they have come up with a local business directory, which covers almost all the major cities in USA. As a small business owner, you have the liberty to add business information, photos and other details that customers might be looking for.

eLocal – Started initially as a online local business directory for enlisting electricians, plumbers, lawyers, roofers, exterminators etc, eLocal currently includes leading consumer oriented business sections. There are options of advertising your business on eLocal as well for further popularity and visibility.

Kudzu – This online local business directory also works on the same formula of finding service providers and local businesses in a particular area. Basic profiles created on the directory contain specialties of the business or the service, the website address, contact information etc. Like eLocal, advertising opportunities are available in Kudzu as well.

Now that you know the places of enlisting your local business in online directories, hurry up and get them done right now!



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