Citation Analysis


What is Citation?

Citation is nothing but mentioning  or referencing  the Business Name, Address, Phone numbers (NAP) on other webpages (directories), even if there is no link to the website. Citation might be on the yellow pages, Online directories etc..

Examples of Online Directories,,

Need For Citation:

Citation needed

The reference or mention on directories, Google+ Local page, help build the sites Online authority.—  Citations are more helpful for Local Businesses.—  No matter if these citations links back to your site or not  (Backlinks),  they will be identified by search engines for the websites relevancy in search.

—  A business with more citations will rank higher than that when compared with less citation sites(Citation ranking).

How citations should be?

It is important that the NAP should exactly match with the NAP in the websites, Google Plus Local pages or on any other pages of the site (Blogs, news, forums, reviews, etc..)

  • Choosing a same format (NAP)  and using it the same in every directories is important for citation.
  • Be 100% consistent in the name (abbreviations? Ltd?), address (suite number? floor?), and phone number (+91? spaces or no spaces?) while building citations

Why citations are important?

—  Citations are the primary factor for search engines to decide  and rank the Local businesses for Local search results.

  • —  It is obvious that the business with more citation always rank higher than that with less citation.
  • —  Google measures the accuracy of the contact details in Local business listings  and if same contact details is found on more directories , Google builds trust on the Location and Contact information, and deliver it in the search results.
  • —  Even Businesses with no website, gains importance on doing citations.

Where Citations?

—  Citations cannot be only on Local directories or niche directories ( industry specified), but can be in blogs, social medias, reviews etc…

—  Examples of Alternate Sources of citations are,

  • Press Releases
  • Question and answer Sites
  • Profile Pages
  • Events

Citations and Competitors

It is always good to identify the competitor’s citations and then try to replicate our mentions on those areas of directories.