Checklist for on-page SEO for local business websites


On-page SEO for local business websites
Having online presence for a local business has become kind of mandatory now. And for this, the first thing that the business should have is a decent website. But just having the website will not suffice, it is important that the website is duly optimized so that it makes visible position in search engine rankings. When someone searches for the local business with related keywords, the website should feature in the top results.

On-page search engine optimization (SEO) helps local businesses in making an impact on search engines. Here is a checklist for on-page SEO for websites of local businesses:

Positioning of NAPs on the website – NAP stands for name of business, address and phone number. All these three items are very important for any local business. In the business website, such information should be put in notable places the contact page and the footer are recommended places by SEO experts. Ensure that there are no other addresses present on the pages as that can be quite confusing for the robot and local SEO will not bring in desired results.

Titles and descriptions should include region and city names – Local businesses are specific area bound. It is good if region and city names are mentioned in the titles and descriptions of vital pages of the website. The exact business location can be reinforced with this SEO tactic. Adding location details is sure to give a local business an extra edge over the competitors without local area information.

Make the logo SEO friendly – The logo of a business will be present on all the web-pages of the website. It is infact a very important component of the website. Include the city name with the business name in the logo file captioning. For instance, a local boutique in Campden can name their logo file as logo-local boutique name campden.jpg. You have no idea how much this can help in local SEO.

Language and region tags are important – Language is a very important factor for any local business and therefore correct usage of the same should be taken care of. The audience language is reflected to the search engine via this. Along with language target, region specification is also vital. If both can be used, there is nothing better than that. For instance, for a website with English language, ‘en’ is used. But when a target region is there, this changes a little. For targeting audience in USA, the website will be ‘en-US’ and for UK, it will be ‘en-GB’ and so on. When the target region and the language are mentioned in the website, it becomes very easy to grab attention of the search engine robot.

Google Map for local business – Local audience and customers might find you on the web in relevant search results. To help them more, add a Google Map on the ‘contact us’ page. It is even better if driving directions are offered to the local business destination. This emphasizes the locality in which the local business is situated exactly.

Local publicity via the local business website – Local publicity can take your local business to great heights. Because it is the local people that are you are targeting for business, their involvement is really important for you. Arrange various kinds of initiatives or local events via your website. You can also offer discounts or special offers on the same. Along with local people of the area, the local press will also develop interest in the business. With local news sites covering the event and micro-blogs being written about the events and initiatives, a buzz is sure to be created in the local community. The presence and influence of the local business can be emphasized greatly by this on-page SEO tool.

Linking out to top local website resources – The website content that you create should mention the location of the business. It is also recommended to provide links to appropriate places that are relevant places, local businesses or local events. Use these resources wisely so that you local business gets prominence on the search engines.

Once all these on-page SEO tools are handled carefully, there is no reason why the local business website will not show good results on search engine results and rankings.



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