Bing Search overtakes Yahoo in the US


According to comScore, with almost 2.7 billion searches on Bing in December 2011, it became the second most used search engine in the US, overtaking Yahoo which was used for 2.6 billion searches. On top of the table, Google maintained its dominance with 12 billion explicit core searches. Google gained 0.4% from its November 2011 to end the year with a 65.9% market share and Bing gained 0.1% over its November, 2011 standing of 15% while Yahoo fell by 0.6% from its November mark to finish at 14.5%. Ask and AOL maintained 2.9% and 1.6% with no variations to its November 2011, user base.

The Global search market was dominated by Google with 80% of the market share which was followed by Baidu with 10%. Yahoo, though overtaken by Bing in the US, stood at 6% while Bing followed with 3%, for December 2011, according to Netmarkershare.

Search Engine Market share December 2011