Are you a PPC Manager who starts the morning as you should?


PPC Manager who starts the morning as you shouldYour morning habits can actually affect a lot in the way you work and manage your PPC campaigns. Most successful managers already follow a steady morning routine to start their day fresh and stay organized throughout. High level manager’s advice to start your day with brief check-ins with the entire team before the day’s work is started. Further, if you have several multiple teams to manage and when each of your team has a huge client load, you will have to plan differently.

Why is morning check-ins so necessary?

As managers of a larger team, it is both your duty and responsibility to understand the daily accounts. Information is the key to driving any business today and there are no better people to deliver them to you than your team members.

Firstly, heck-ins should help you understand all the things that happened the day before. This way you know where you were in a better position and where you weren’t.

Secondly, morning check-ins can help you scan through the critical decision making for the day. You will be able to use your experience to guide your team members to successfully perform the planned ads and campaigns.

Here are 12 necessary things that every morning check-in should integrate:

1. Identifying negative keywords

When your PPC business gets check-ins worth hundreds of dollars, you simply cannot afford to have any negative keywords slip through. Daily negotiations will ensure that these $100 clicks are well strategized.

2. Excluding all GDN (Google Display Network) websites

There are some places where you wouldn’t want your ad to appear. They are either irrelevant or have less ROI. It’s a basic guideline to remove all such instances on your GDN.

3. Checking ad spending

It is mandatory to verify your balance sheets every day, if you aren’t already doing it. Each day in the life of a PPC manager helps meets the monthly and quarterly goals. Further, there shouldn’t be any surprises at the time of the review. Small errors and adjustments everyday will let your work sail smoothly.

4. Tracking leads

Has your team been able to work upon the leads acquired the day before? Where have the leads been coming from mostly? These are some questions that need to be addressed on a daily basis and preferably among the first things to be done for the day. Tracking leads will also help your list your target for the day and keeps the team busy and motivated.

5. Where are you getting the top dollars from?

PPC dashboards like Google Adwords help you track any unique spending. If there has been a high spender the day before, you need to know the reasons why it has been so and try to replicate it every day.

6. Scanning the overall investments

PPC spending is heavily dynamic. There would be lows and highs but you need to have reasons for everything. The Dimensions tab under your Campaigns option in Google Adwords allows you to view longer time frames of keyword and campaign performance. It could be a change in the website content, a new trend for the day or a new competitor.

7. Verifying ad positions

Another important thing to check in the morning is if your ads have been performing the way they were supposed to. The Campaigns tab in Google Adwords helps you gauge these changes.

8. Identifying “threshold of pain”

There could be several instances when a keyword or ad group is not generating enough leads. One of the most common instance is termed as the “threshold of pain”, wherein the keyword has reached the edge where clients would be comfortable to spend more money in it. It’s advisable to pause all such ad groups and keywords for the time being.

9. Adwords alerts

If you have been using Google Adwords for your PPC Campaigns, Adwords Alerts are nothing new. However, these alerts also contain several important pieces of information which we fail to acknowledge. It could be that the keywords you negated are impending the traffic or alerts that your credit card has reached its limit.

10. Watch for anything new

Now, this comes with experience. As a PPC manager, you should be able to identify any new changes that have been in progress overnight. Watch out carefully and react immediately.

Based on your needs, there could be several other things that you might need to go through before starting off with the planned work for the day. However, this habit of discipline will help you and your teams accomplish more.



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