Are SEO Conferences Worth Attending?

Are SEO Conferences Worth Attending?

 SEO ConferenceJoshua Steimle, an entrepreneur, has made a valuable discussion in FORBES regarding the  importance and benefits of SEO Conferences. He had been for SES Conference at Hong Kong. Before attending this conference, he was of the opinion that such conferences were of no value.  Once he stepped into the conference hall, he found people from various streams including  SEO’s and Non-SEO’s gathered there. He was seated next to James Hacking, Vice  President of digital marketing firm BlueCurrent Group Hong Kong, whose notion for being a part  in this conference was “to gain more understanding of the sorts of search and social  marketing strategies that companies should deploy on a daily basis”. Some among the gathering were on the look out to network with potential clients and employees.

                  To his surprise, he found Prof. Marco Schmäh from Reutlingen University in Germany, a Non-SEO. His field of research was focused on value-based selling and he wanted to overlap his area of study with the world of online marketing for which he believed that this platform would pave way for. According to Toni Voutilainen, working for the Finland based agency Tulos, this is the platform to develop relationship with hardcore practitioners.

                  There were also some interesting sessions carried out by SEO experts which impressed Joshua. For instance, Pak Hou Cheung, an Organic Search Strategist with BlueGlass UK , gave a presentation at SES Hong Kong on content marketing and why traditional content spamming methods no longer work. The presenter of this session felt contended for he considered this to be a medium where he could share his ideas with lots of people. Also, Sarah Tam, a Regional Marketing Director with PR Newswire, answered the question on the value of SES.

                  Joshua learned a lot out of this conference. He got to have a talk with Mike Grehan, publisher of the popular SEO website Search Engine Watch and producer of the SES conference series. He got to know various things about SEO and developed a good network with experts and potential clients. In his perspective, this SES conference was a positive investment for his time and money. Also he concluded saying the following. “Your ROI from an SEO conference will largely come from what you put into it. But you may benefit just from showing up, you’ll greatly increase what you get from a conference by preparing ahead of time and being creative.”