Advanced Article Marketing Strategy (Beta)

As the title states, this is about advanced article marketing (well beyond the basics). So if you are new to article marketing, you need to first understand the great results that article marketing can bring to you. So I strongly recommend you (even if you are an expert in Article marketing) to read the “Article Marketing Whitepaper” before reading the rest of this article.

So now let’s begin with the strategy. Note that this strategy can be called a beta version as it is not fully tested.

I Account Creation
II Content Creation
III Media Creation
IV Manual Submission
V The Finishing Touch

Things You Will Need

  • A blog (preferably wordpress as it is more SEO friendly) attached to your parent site
  • A professional content researcher and writer
  • SEO people for spreading the article online. (The job can be outsourced to any professional SEO company too)
  • An e-book creation software (I prefer “OpenOffice” as it boasts some cool free templates)
  • A basic video creation software (Windows movie maker can do the job but I prefer “Corel Video Studio” because of its flexibility)
  • Podcast Creation software (Any audio recorder. I prefer “musicmatch Jukebox” because of its ease of use).

Preparing To Take Off

(I) Accounts That Need To be Created

  1. Author accounts in top 25 article directories [Create Author Account]
  2. Profile setup in top 25 social media sites [Setup Social Media Profiles]
  3. Ping.Fm setup (Trust me that the time you spend in setting up will be worth every second.) [Create Account]
  4. Account Creation in 5 video distribution sites
  5. Account Creation in 5 podcast distribution sites
  6. Profile Creation in 20 document sharing sites [Create Document Sharing Profiles]

(II) Content Creation:

You will be well aware that content is the fuel of article marketing. The success in article marketing depends on how well the articles are written. As a first step, we need to identify, what type of content are needed. I suggest you to get all the content needed for this strategy ready before moving to the next steps. Alright, now to identify how many of which content are needed, we first need to know where these contents will be distributed.

Places Where Actual Content Is Distributed
The following are the places where the writings will go as it is, without any extra work
• 25 Popular Article Directories (1 Article with 5 parts of 400-450 words each)
• 10 Popular Social Media Sites (1 social Media Version Of the 5 articles used for article distribution)
• Ping.Fm sites (1 Teaser copy of the social media article [200-250 words])

How to write all these?
On the first look, the requirement of articles for this strategy will seem monumental. But the real fact is that you will be basically writing only 5 original articles and the rest will be like “beating around the bush”. It will be worthy if you spend some time in reading my ebook “How to Write SEO friendly Articles”To make writing easy, follow the content chart below (click the image to enlarge)

(II.a) 5 Articles For article directories
Writing the 5 articles for article directories should follow a different approach. Instead of writing 5 articles on different topics, the articles should be on a same topic but split into different parts. Better explained, this will be a single article of (say) around 450 x 5 = 2250 words broken into 5 parts.

(II .b) Content For Social Media (This content should be posted to your blog as well.)
I am not going to overwhelm you by saying that you have to write a few more unique articles here. All you have to do is, tweak the 5 articles written for article directories, so that it can impress the social media folks. Here you have to combine all the 5 articles in to a single piece of interesting content (make a catchy title and change the introduction part). Have some images related to the content ready.

(II.c) Teaser For Ping.Fm
A teaser is nothing but a very short outline of the social media content that we have just created. A few lines of the introduction part of the social media content can be re-written for this purpose. A good teaser (200-250 words) should convey the whole message of the original content and should end with a “read full story line”.

(III) Media from Content:

So, that’s all about content. Now we are ready to move to the next part which needs some extra skills. So if you are not sure whether you can do the next part by yourself, it is better to hire a professional SEO company. The next part includes:
• Creation of Video
• Creation of Podcast
• Manual Distribution of all Media including articles (I strongly oppose use of any automated software because it will be a waste of time as the submissions will never be done properly)

(III.a)Creation Of Video
You don’t have to be a professional video guy to do this. All you have to do here is, collect some images related to the article and create a slideshow video with only some of the important points mentioned in the article. This just took 15 minutes for me.

(III.b)Creation of the Podcast

This is pretty simple. Read the social media article and record it as an mp3 file. Here I suggest you to understand the article first and then speak and record it on your own words.

(IV.) Manual Distribution

If you don’t care about spending peanuts to get this part of the job done, you should really outsource this to some SEO company (Because this was the most boring and time consuming part to me). Alright, here is what to do (You can do it yourself or you can explain this to the outsourcing company)

(IV.a) Posting The Social Media Content In Your Blog
As a first setup, you have to post the social media content that we have created to your blog attached to the parent site. I suggest you not to provide any outbound links from this content. If necessary, you can provide a link back to your parent site

At this point you have to get all accounts mentioned earlier created and ready
Open The Image Below to understand the Link Pattern.
(click the image to enlarge)

(IV.b) 5 Article Parts In 25 Article directories
Accounts: Author accounts in top 25 article directories

Each article should be formatted as per guidelines. One part of the article will go into 5 article directories and so the five parts will cover all the 25 article directories.

You must have known that article directories allow three links to be placed in the resource box. So for this strategy, we will be having 5 different resource boxes. The resource box of the first article will have 1 link to the parent site, 1 link to the blog and one link to the next part of the article which is available in some other article directory. The diagram below will make things clear.

The Strategy:

The basic idea is to make the reader follow to the next article directory to read the rest of the article, so that the content in all article directories will become popular. As all the resource boxes have links to the parent site and blog, the link value increases as all these articles get many views. These links in the resource boxes will drive huge traffic to the parent site and log as well.

(IV.c) Content To The 25 Social Media Sites
Accounts: 25 Social Media Profiles Setup

The single social media content that we have created should be distributed to all the 25 social media profiles. Remember to add pictures while submitting the content to the social media sites.

All the social media sites will allow 3 links to be added in the content body. From each social media site 1 link should be directed to the parent site, 1 link to the blog and one link will be to the articles in the article directories.

The Strategy:
The links in the social media content will send huge traffic to the parent site and blog along with making the articles in the article directories more popular. The articles in the article directories will be getting 25 relevant links from these social media sites thereby increasing the article value.

(IV.d) Teaser To the Ping.Fm sites

Account: Ping.Fm Setup
As you know, connects 42 social media sites from a single place. So once you setup, you will be able to post updates to 42 social media sites from a single place. The teaser version of the article that we created can be pinged across the 42 synced sites. You have to post the teaser to the blogs category (can be chosen from the post group option at

One link to your blog where the full version of the teaser is posted.

The Strategy:
Fill all the social media spots with the news about the availability of a great article in your parent blog. If the tease is made interesting, your parent blog traffic will reach very high levels.

(IV.e) Video Distribution

Account: Accounts in 5 video distribution sites

Now that we have a slideshow video of the article ready, you can readily distribute them to top 5 video distribution sites (which all links in the description). The link in the description should be directed to your blog. This video can also be posted to the social media sites along with the content.

(IV.f) Podcast Distribution

Accounts in 5 Podcast distribution sites

The created podcast can be distributed to top 5 podcast distribution sites (which allow links back). Here too, the links should point to your parent blog.

(V) The final touch (Document Sharing)

Accounts: Profiles in 20 Document sharing sites

The final part of this strategy is something like an attractive wrapper to a chocolate. The social media content that we have created should be made as an e-book. You can make use of openoffice to convert the content into a pdf file. If you are savvy, you can customize the theme of the ebook. There are several free e-book templates available online. Remember that you have to hyperlink keywords in the e-book to your parent site, video, and blog (there is virtually no link limit here). This ebook can be distributed to top 20 document sharing sites like scribd and docstoc.

The Strategy:
The document sharing sites are well known to attract huge reader base for interesting documents. So these document sharing sites are like chocolate wrappers that attract the social media folks.

Bottom Line
Keep a record of all accounts and urls where the content has been distributed. After some 2 weeks, check all these article directories, social media sites, document sharing sites, video sites and you will be surprised with a whole lot of views you obtained for this article in all these places. Now check the analytics of your parent site and blog and know how high the traffic has increased.



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