A SEO company that offers whatever you ask for! Is that good?


A SEO company that offers whatever you ask for! Is that good?

SEO company that has everythingThere is no scarcity for SEO companies that offer off page SEO services today and there is fierce competition where most of them are hunting for clients. Because of this, the SEO companies always are in a hurry to close the deals with the new clients. Not to mention the attention-to-detail before accepting a project, even the minor factors for a successful off page SEO campaign is often ignored. We came across a client who approached us after using another SEO service provider (Company name not disclosed). The client approached us after six months of continuous off page SEO using the other company. The reason why he came to us is that even after 6 months of continuous SEO his website never got any improvement in the search engine rankings. There was no change in the traffic to his website too. Now he has ended the deal his old service provider and he needs us to plan a campaign for him

We got the access to his analytics and webmaster tools. The traffic as he said was very poor but steady for the six months and there were not critical errors reported by webmaster tools. Obviously there was not algorithm update effect on the website as well. So our attention turned towards the Onsite SEO of the website. And we found what went wrong within 2 minutes of analyzing the website. The basic onsite SEO factors such as META content of the website were not optimized. The site was an eCommerce store but there was not content in any of the pages. The website just listed the products with no unique descriptions. We informed this to the client and said, without optimizing the onsite SEO factors and improving the user experience within the website, no matter what off page optimization is done, there won’t be any effect. Unfortunately, the client did not have access to the website’s technical side for some reason and he asked us if we can promote the website without having the onsite SEO factors optimized. Our answer as “no” because we know that is impossible.

A SEO company’s role is not just to offer what the clients ask for!
SEO has changed a lot these days. SEO is something that has to be reinvented every day along with planning custom strategies based on the needs. If a client asks for some SEO services or asks if some SEO campaign can be done to his website, a good SEO company needs to analyze several factors before offering a solution. The focus should be on providing an effective campaign that concentrating on closing the deal asap fearing the client might run away. Before even planning the offpage SEO campaign, the following needs to be checked

  • All important onsite SEO factors
  • Google webmaster tools reporting any critical errors
  • Google analytics to see the current traffic to the website and to check the traffic sources
  • All previous SEO done to ensure that they were all safe with the current search engine algorithms

A good SEO company focused on results would always check these information and make them perfect before offering you an offpage SEO solution.

So, if your SEO company nods “yes” for all you ask for, probably they are just focused on their own sales alone!