7 Unique Local Mobile Marketing Tips to Propel Business Success


The upsurge in mobile growth over the past two years is evidence that people are actively using them. The trend will continue as the handheld devices are easy to use and transport. With 98% of the global population turning to mobiles, it is necessary to leverage them for the marketing needs.

 In fact, 90% of marketing geeks know that tapping the mobile-savvy customer base is the simplest and effective way to promote any product or service.

Why mobile marketing?

The benefits below will ensure why marketing through smartphones is widely practiced and preferred by many.

6 advantages of marketing

  • 9/10 people have a mobile
  • Reaching the target audience
  • Stay tuned 24/7 with customers
  • Cost-effective marketing campaigns
  • High response rate
  • Bi-way communication with users

Local marketing with mobile

Global and local mobile marketing have a lot of things in common. But, the latter requires a focused approach and dedicated strategies to propel any business.

It is a must to leverage the complete marketing strategies to garner the attention of local users. From various reports, it is evident that people respond to mobile-based promotions.

Provided below are some useful tips for reaching smartphone customers and improving your business needs.

1. Build a mobile responsive website

With more than 90% of customers utilizing handheld devices for their day-to-day needs, it is necessary to provide them with a responsive website. A well-crafted mobile-friendly website will quicken the process of purchase and saves time. A site with a simple and effective layout and color schemes will enthrall local users.

2. Plan a campaign

Be it global or local marketing, planning holds the edge over competitors. A well-strategized plan with relevant location-based keyword and content is a simple and effective way to trigger business promotions.

3. Be precise and simple

Expanding and explaining the products and services in detail will never help your local marketing. Mobile users always love things that are precise and simple. A simple website with elegant designs and precise content is a great tool to leverage local customers.

  1. 4. Build trust

Adding a personal touch is a wonderful choice as it ensures trust on the business. Initiate and interact with customers and listen to their comments to improve the credibility of the business.

5. Connect 24/7

Extract the best benefits of mobile marketing by staying tuned with local users 24/7. SMS is a simple and effective tool to achieve this and with innovative and intriguing messages. It’ll be easier to grab their attention towards your business website which eventually coverts to sales. Emails are excellent choices to tap the mobile customer base.

  1. 6. Encourage customers with freebies and discounts

Make a note of regular local customers and reward them with some fabulous discounts or freebies to improve their trust on your business. Performing this at regular intervals will convince them to recommend your business to others and this is a great way to achieve rich outcomes

7. Trial test frequently

Mobile ads don’t work instantly. Business owners have to be composed and patient to make it work for them. Trial test with different types of advertisements and check their responses. With the collected data, start the next campaigns. By this way it’ll be easier to zero in on a winning advertising strategy offering rewarding results.

The local marketing tips discussed above are implemented by several companies. If you’ve implemented such techniques, let’s know how it helped in process of improving your business prospects.





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