5 Sure-Fire Local SEO Strategies for Small Business Success


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Positioning brands effectively in search engines can be tricky; especially small businesses may find it an arduous task. But it is a key strategy that can drive these types of businesses to success.
It’s true that every business is striving and thriving to rank #1 in search engines! Accomplishing this can be difficult as the competition is soaring online and it requires an energetic and determined effort with marketing innovations to rise above the rest.

Pulling in local traffic is the effective marketing strategy embraced by most small businesses lately. According to reports, 61–80% of people utilize the search engines to retrieve the local information. So, it is prudent that local search engine optimization is no longer an option but a necessity now.
Before getting started let’s focus on benefits associated with local SEO and how it can supercharge your site rankings!

Why local SEO is significant?

As search engines are getting better at understanding users search intent, they are displaying more location specific results along with organic results. So, if your business serves local clients or you haven’t optimized for geo-specific searches then it’s obvious that you have allowed competitors to take away your customers. People look out for local websites and optimizing it for local users and their search queries is the recommended strategy to stay above the rest. Targeting users that search for your local services can elicit traffic for your business.

Stats Speak

Google Facts: 20% of user search queries are location-based and this may increase rapidly in the near future.
Comscore Facts: 40% of mobile users show strong intent for searching locally and this volume will outrank desktops in a year.

It is prudent from these stats that local search results will be predominant in the years to follow.
Local search engine optimization for small businesses is not as difficult, but requires an organized plan based on business objectives and your online marketing strategies should match current trend. Here are 5 easy local SEO strategies for optimizing your website and improving your search engine visibility in the locality.


1) Local On-page Tips:

Often on-page factors are overlooked. Ensuring on-page factors like Domain, Title, Meta/Header tags, NAP, Authorship, Publisher, and Rich Snippets are properly optimized will bolster search engine results and rankings effectively.

Domain: Picking a domain (or site URL) that mirrors your business type is recommended for better search results.

domain with business name

 Title: Select titles that represent your business type, services and location to garner attention of local searchers and improve search rankings.

title with keyword related to business and services

Page URL: Ensure the URLs of all page reflects your business, services offered and location for the visitors.

webpage url reflect business, services


Page Description: Assure that the descriptions of all pages include your business, services and location.

description with business location and services keyword

Header Tags: Craft header tags on each page mirroring the business, services and location.

header tag with keywords and location details


Interlink Pages: Cross link from content to related pages with descriptive terms and include location information to the content where it fits sensibly.

internal link between related pages


Structured Data: In the location landing page, integrate authorship, publisher, schema, and other structured data to achieve better visibility in search engines.

structured data for high click through rate

Local Information: Add more information on local area, NAP, business hours, directions, testimonials in the website to entice local searchers.

full nap business information


2) Local Citation Tips: 

Citations are nothing but mentions of business name, address and website. It is classified into structured and unstructured citations and both play a significant role in the search engine ranking and results surge.

Avoid Duplicated Listings: Updating or removing duplicate listings/citations of your business online is the effective solution to start off in citation building.

duplicate listing


Provide Consistent Information: Offer consistent and accurate information in all sites and verify as many citation sites either through email or phone.



Appropriate Categories: Ensure you’re listed in correct business and service-specific categories

correct business category


Discrete Location Page: Create discrete location web page if your business offers services in multiple locations.

individual location page


Include Key Information: Include magnetic images, videos, special offers, and any other key information to make it more informative and attract the local customers to your site.

key business information



3) Local Reviews Tips:

People believe in recommendations before hiring a service or buying products, etc. So, adding some online reviews for your business will double the trust of customers as well as improve search engine rankings significantly. Especially, company reviews on the authority websites will influence potential visitors to click through as well enhance local search rankings incredibly.

Encourage Reviews: Engaging and encouraging happy customers to leave reviews of your business is an authentic option to promote any business exclusively.

ask for business review

Make it Simple: Keeping it simple and easy to write reviews will persuade customers to leave a review of your products or services. You can simplify the process by showing process through email, flyers, and printout.

ask online reviews


Respond Promptly: It is necessary to respond to all reviews, be it negative or positive, across all websites to stay engaged with customers and win their trust.

respond to customer reviews

Reviews on Multiple Sites: By making the process simple and easy help customers leave comments of your business in as many key sites across the globe as possible.

 ask for reviews in multiple sites


4) Local Content Tips: 

 Both customers and search engines love fresh and informative content. A powerfully written content well directed at customers can improve your website’s dominance in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Be Consistent: Post interesting and fitting content on local businesses, offers, events routinely and link them back to relevant sites.

local content for blogs


Share in Social Media: Post and publish content consistently and share them on the social media sites to engage customers with your business.

engage and share in social media sites


Publish Newsletter: Create intriguing newsletters on the latest trends, discounts, updates, and upgrades of your business weekly/monthly.

publish newsletters


5) Local Link Building Tips:

Build local SEO links for your business as this can increase your search engine rankings effectively for better conversion and customer base.

Events/Charity: Hosting events or sponsoring for charity is helpful for brand awareness and improve local presence.

sponsor in local events and charities


Guest Post: Post high-quality content on local, niche-specific sites to improve the exposure of your business and staying engaged with customers.

do guest blogging in relevant sites


Participate in Meetups: Connect with local government, city, group associations to brand your business.

attend local meetups


Offer Scholarship Programs: Offering scholarship programs to local school or college students can improve your branding.

offer sponsorship


Generate Press releases: Produce newsworthy content/NAP and distribute them through high-quality PR sites with massive reader follow up.

publish press release

Share your thoughts in the comment section if you’ve implemented aforementioned strategies and how it added value to your local search rankings.