5 apps that every digital marketer should take a look at


5 apps that every digital marketerSEMs, SEOs, CMOs and other professionals in the world of digital marketing are trying hard to keep up with the challenges. Things like Google and Facebook, now an integral part of running an online marketplace are changing almost every day. To synchronize marketing processes, digital marketers of today need more than just creative ideas and a high quality product. Here are some apps that will bring you the latest in digital marketing.

1. Search Engine Land / Marketing Land

Search Engine Land, from Third Door Media and Marketing Land, the sibling website has made themselves popular across global marketers. Both the websites have desktop and mobile versions to bring you the latest news and trends in digital marketing from across the globe. The interfaces of the apps (both desktop and smart phone) are fairly straightforward and present a pleasing format to go through the feeds. Marketers even have the option to mark interesting stories for future reference. Apart from images and videos, the stories within a topic channels can also be read offline. This should be you daily dose of news every morning!

2. Feedly

A all purpose newsfeed site based upon RSS, Feedly collects relevant content from news sites, blogs, YouTube channels and other sources. Digital marketers can create a ‘marketing channel’ to access relevant stories from popular sites like Moz Blog, HubSpot, Seth Godin’s Blog, Gartner, Forbes and many more. Much like Search Engine Land, it’s an effective way to go through important marketing headlines every day. The bottomline is that if you are looking for latest marketing headlines, Feedly is the perfect platform. However, if you are looking to dig deeper, Search Engine Land would be more appropriate.

3. Perch

A free iOS and Android based app, Perch is a unique app that gives marketers a ‘bird’s eye view’ of all social mentions of your company and even your competitors. Marketers can define the companies that Perch would follow and the app automatically extracts the updates and news feed from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Google+, Groupon, Yelp, Living Social and Instagram. When someone leaves a new comment/review on your company profile in any of the networks, you will get an immediate notification for the same. This could go a long way into building relationships, especially for local marketers. Further, keeping tabs on competitors have never been easier.

4. Hootsuite/Buffer

Hootsuite and Buffer are cloud based apps for social monitoring. You even get to use the incredibly easy posting tool with a free account. Available for both iOS and Android, Hootsuite makes it so much easier to post social updates in multiple accounts at the same time. This is especially relevant if you are starting a competition or coming up with a limited ‘hourly’ offer and time is of the essence. Manual posting would itself eat up the time that should have been given to the audience. Further, these apps allow monitoring your account, competitors and respond to direct messages. Post scheduling is also offered by Buffer. The only difference between the two is that Buffer also allows you to create social posts using your own photos and stock images. Both are worth a try.

5. Google Adwords

Every digital marketer is conversant with the tools that Google Adwords provides. However, an application for the same was released in March 2015 allowing marketers to conveniently check campaign statistics, budgets, bids and updates. The Adwords app gives you real time notifications about PPC campaigns. The app is currently available for Android users but will be available on iOS soon.
As goes the popular saying that “a rock can only cut another rock”, technological challenges can be best served by technology itself. Digital marketing has come of age and is currently in a position where the needs are changing every minute. The market is highly versatile and this is perfectly coupled by the highly knowledgeable and active audience. For a digital marketer, nothing can go wrong. They need to stay updated, be creative, be social, and be competitive – all at the same time. Well, apart from the fast developing tools for the purpose, these apps too serve the requisites quite well.



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