3 SEO apps that I use on iPad – Yes they are free!

Like everyone else, once I thought – Why is the world so obsessed with the iPad 2. I am never going to get one and waste my money. After a few months of the launch, reading the techs, well, I thought “iPad 2 looks like a good tool for entertainment”, but who wants to spend $$$ just for entertainment. Somehow I got an iPad 2 just 2 months back and it has become my ultimate companion at work. Did I mention I work for a professional SEO company? Just Kidding! Alright, back to the point, apart from checking and responding to the client emails, I use these 3 SEO tools regularly on my iPad. Thanks to searchenginewatch pointing out these “must have” SEO apps for any internet marketing professional

1. Google Analytics in iPad
I don’t have to explain the importance of Google analytics for any SEO professional. While you can access analytics using the safari browser of iPad, they have an official Google Analytics app on store. This is specially design for the iPad and so, navigating through the reports is a breeze. It is very much interactive than the regular web version.

Download it
There is an advanced version of this in HD http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/analytics-hd/id364894285?mt=8 and it costs $6 which is really worth it

2. The Website SEO Analyser By KOOZAI LTD
This is one SEO application which I love the most. However, I use Google analytics the most of my day and hence ranked it #1. The analyzer is a very good reporting tool. Just key in your website address and you would get a detailed SEO report on your website. This tool comes in handy to make SEO advices for the clients when I am on the move

Download it

3. WordPress for live blogging
Real-time live blogging is a great way to spread the news almost instantly. We had posted real-time blogs of SEO seminars and events earlier. These posts were done on our official blog using the WordPress application for iPad . While at the summit, we had seen many of them struggling with their laptops to post live blogs and many of them where confined to facebook and twitter posts. While we did that all with cool applications for iPad.

Download it

These are the top 3 applications I use for my SEO work. Feel free to share the apps that you use at your work in the comments.