Press Release Distribution – Individually Tailored Solutions to Enhance Traffic & ROI


Press release distribution distribution to 24-7 PRPR distribution to While the purpose of press release distribution has more or less been the same, over the last few decades the process has evolved into many forms across various media. Well established companies make use of a PRO to assemble a press meet to announce a new launch, while smaller units that cannot splurge on gala bashes and product launches with celebrity endorsements, might opt to drop a page or two of text information on the new product or service at the news editors desk, which the editor evaluates for news-worthiness before giving the green for it making the pages of print, whereas the unlucky pages might end in the bin. And news, which made it to the print, finds maximum exposure and coverage in one attempt and that which ended in the bin, got no further. But over time, with the advent of the internet, things have taken a shift for good, and bad – bad because there is an overload of useless information; good because there is also very useful information that is made available by the companies in the form of press releases. The evolution of SEO services, of which Press release distribution is a part, has created a revolution in the field of internet communication that can be compared to what the wheels have done to mobility, transforming many businesses into gold mines and taking many services to the doorstep, rather than the other way around.

The intent of any press release distribution not only serves to get media attention, but also provides a well written reference for people, not just the press, to read about your company or organization. Top brands like Ford, GE and FedEx, were well know even before the internet times, and yet they spend millions every month on marketing strategies on the internet – why? To beat the completion by creating a bigger presence on the internet, through SEO, Press release distribution, Social Media Marketing, emails, video marketing, directory submissions, blogs and more. The size of your company does not have to be that of GM to indulge in Press Release distribution. Just as MNC’s aim for world wide attention through press release distribution, small business units can target local customers with the press release distribution and will be amazed to discover the potential of an effective press release distribution service in increasing the monthly ROI. There are cutting edge SEO and press release distribution service providers who have well documented evidence to prove that with respect to the one time investment on press release distribution, the ROI on Press Release distribution can jump up to an astounding 500% in the short term and it into an unlimited mode as the published Press Release pages gain Page Rank in due course.

While there are many service providers who deal in black at strategies, there are few cutting edge Press Release distribution service providers, who include more crawl worthy features in every one of their press releases for goggle spiders to locate with ease, totally optimizing the press release before distribution. As different press release directories have different demands in the submission formats, most of the services providers who use automated process gain little trough while the manual submission process hits the bulls eye, which will be made relevant in the submission report and the screenshots. If you want your Press release marketed, look for a press release distribution service provide with an approval rate of 95% or more, then narrow down to the best priced services as there are some packages that include distribution of press release in the top 90 PR sites for as little as $20 with the additional benefits of a submission report, screen shots of each PR, and Live press release links. You can also have a press release written for around $20, by professional journalist within a minimum time scale and can have the whole process completed under $50.


It would be advisable to build on your customer base during the initial phase of business through the press release distribution services and once done, and a rapport is built, you could elevate yourself to the level of one to one marketing.



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